At Royal Wedding, Gospel Choir Sings American Civil Rights Anthems 'Stand By Me' and 'This Little Light of Mine' 


As previously reported, Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding sermon, delivered by American Bishop Michael Curry, brought American black culture to the fore of an aging, all-white, and fairly racist monarchical structure. Another truly moving force was the British gospel choir Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir, who sang “Stand By Me” to an almost all-white audience just before the nuptials.

And after the coterie of small flower children lifted her train out the door, Harry and Meghan were whisked away in their carriage to “This Little Light of Mine.” Both songs hold a special place in the American civil rights movement, and now England can have them too 🙂

And America swooned over Prince Harry’s uncontainable loveliness which we would like to import also, please. Please?

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