Attention Mouth Breathers: Your Health Is In Danger


Previously, it was thought that celebs who pose with their mouths hanging open were just affecting a ridiculous SexyFace. But their condition may be far more serious; Doctors warn chronic mouth-breathing has numerous health risks!

Being forced to breath through your mouth when you have a cold may lead to dry mouth, chapped lips, and trouble sleeping — plus it’s generally annoying. Dr. Yosh Jefferson, a New Jersey functional orthodontist, tells MSNBC that constant mouth-breathing may cause bigger health problems. Breathing through your mouth can irritate the tonsils and adenoids, causing further nasal blockage. Plus, taking in oxygen through your nose produces nitric oxide, which the body needs to function properly.

Dr. Jefferson also claims breathing through the mouth could be at the root of many children’s problems. He says of young mouth-breathers:

“How do you think they’re doing in school? These kids are tired, they’re irritable, they can’t concentrate in school. And a lot of these kids (may be) diagnosed with ADD and hyperactivity.”

He adds:

Severe mouth breathers develop what they call long face syndrome — long, narrow faces, very unattractive facial features. Also if their tonsils are swollen, they sometimes position their jaw in weird ways in order to get more oxygen into their bodies. It can happen in adults as well … but it’s more prominent in children.

Some MSNBC commenters doubt Dr. Jefferson’s claims due to his suggestion that the best cure is more orthodontic treatments. However, he’s right to be upset that the term “mouth-breather” is considered a hilarious insult rather than a cause for concern. Jefferson says, “It drives me crazy that there are so many kids who are mouth breathers and no one is doing anything about it,” and we agree. Whether people are breathing while slack-jawed due to a serious nasal problem or a misguided attempt to look hotter, they should probably get that checked out.

‘Mouth-Breathing’ Gross, Harmful To Your Health [MSNBC]

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