Austria Names Baby White Tiger After America's First Black President


A zoo in Austria named a baby tiger in a litter of five white tigers born last month “Obama.”

Late Monday night I got an email marked “urgent” from my mother, an Austrian native who now resides near Vienna. The email had this subject line: “BECKY LOOK LOOK LOOK AUSTRIA NOW HAS THE OBAMA TIGER IN A ZOO!!!!!!!” I had to collect myself and take a deep breath, hoping she hadn’t totally gone off the deep end or something. Turns, she was just excited because a zoo named a baby tiger cub “Obama.” Via Fox Philly:

The cubs, Lila, Lulu, Lela, Lali and Obama … Were introduced to the public at the White Zoo in the Austrian mountains.
Zoo owner Herbert Eder says he feels like a proud papa.
“It was like, I am the father! Because it was so great we couldn’t believe it (at) first. We had four cubs and two hours later the fifth was coming. And then we were really happy because all cubs were moving, were running to their mother, drank milk in the first five hours. And now you see we have very great wonderful white tigers,” said Eder. “It’s very seldom that white tigers get five tiger cubs. And they are still alive. That is the big problem. Sometimes they get five but then they die. But in this case we had five cubs born on the 25th of April and all five cubs are very okay,” added Eder.

Or, as my mother put it at the bottom of her email “Hurraaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh – we got a president too!!!!!!!! LOVE MOM :O))”

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