Babe, Hillary Lost

On Tuesday, Perry popped out in Paris wearing a dress that feels straight out of her old Clinton campaign closet.

Babe, Hillary Lost

All of your least favorite elites—from the newly world tour-less Jennifer Lopez to pretty much the entirety of the participants of whatever Vogue World 2024 was—have spent the last week in France for Paris Couture Fashion Week.

On Tuesday, Katy Perry stepped out wearing a…unique design: a red velvet Balenciaga mini dress with a reported 500-foot train. And not just any train, shes, theys, and gays, but one emblazoned with the cringe-y lyrics of her latest single: “Woman’s World.” No, the photos are not AI-generated—so far as I know—and we are most certainly not in 2016 any longer. Hillary lost, babe. But if the lyrics—printed in part on the garment—are any indication, Perry’s politics likely haven’t developed any since then.

“It’s a woman’s world and you’re lucky to be living in it,” the train reads. Are we??? I suppose when you publicly endorse the campaign of a man who donated to anti-abortion extremists and funneled money into anti-abortion causes your finger isn’t exactly on the pulse of the current state of women in the U.S. However, I’ll set things straight: No, it is definitely not a woman’s world. And I am very much feeling the opposite of feeling lucky to be living in it!

Perry announced her single last week with a TikTok that bears a striking resemblance to the Charli XCX cosplay I reserve for the privacy of my own home. Details are scarce save from the fact that she collaborated with Dr. Luke—you know, the producer who was famously accused of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by Kesha in a lawsuit. One month before the trial was set to begin, the former collaborators settled. Meanwhile, Kesha has only kind of responded to their renewed relationship, and spoiler alert: she seems justifiably pissed.

Pretty positive that working with an accused predator goes against her new marketing campaign…then again, so does swooping in on an old man’s house and loudly supporting a man complicit in a myriad of misconduct

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