Backstreet's Back……… Alright?


The Backstreet Boys are back in town with another song that deals with matters of the heart.

Howie, Brian, AJ, Kevin, and Nick have come out of retirement with their new single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” (I’m guessing they’ve never heard of Elton John.) Consider this a sequel to their previous records: “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” “Quit Playing Games (with My Heart),” Shape of My Heart” and “Straight Through My Heart.”

The music video opens with the five men bowing their heads before the altar of this woman, whomever she is:

The identity of this woman is never disclosed or further explored. There is, however, dancing, as you might have expected.

Often in front of bright lights. Like this:

And this:

AJ, pictured above, finds love, but she disintegrates right before him—a bad sign, if you ask me.

None of the other Backstreet Men fare as well! Oh well, united they dance, divided they fall.

No, seriously, without each other, they all seem to fall to dust:

Hmmm. No, yeah, that can’t be good.

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