Behold the New Star Wars Teaser Remade with Kittens and Puppies


What’s better than finally getting to see the highly anticipated teaser for the Star Wars sequel? An all cat/dog version of said teaser, that’s what! (Come on, you should know the answer to questions like that by now.)

Behold! Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens is here! We don’t know much about Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens from the teaser trailer, but I have been investigating in various online forums and I’m pretty sure I have a good rundown of what the plot will entail. It centers around an ancient battle between Cat Overlords and the scattered rebel force of Team Dog. In the movie, the Cat Overlords battle Team Dog rebels for the comfy spot on the human couch. Team Dog takes an early defeat in battle over the couch war when the humans intercept their warrior and yell “NO. NO COUCH. OFF THE COUCH. NO DOGGIE ON COUCH. GO TO YOUR BED. I SAID, GO LAY DOWN IN YOUR BED.” Meanwhile, when the humans try to push the Cat Overlord leader off the couch, the cat jumps back on to the couch, this time overtaking the humans in the lap region, pushing a book out of their hands, demanding to be petted and then striking at the human hands when the petting displeases it.

It is truly going to be an epic film.

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