Berlusconi's Hired Stripper Wore Obama Mask at His 'Bunga Bunga' Parties


Ever since former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi’s sex parties came under investigation in 2011, I’ve spent many a-morning pondering the meaning of the term given to the raunchy late night escapades of the premier, “bunga bunga” parties. Initially, I thought it was a sound appropriated from Gullah Gullah Island, but that’s because I have the maturity of an 8 year old. I’ve settled on believing that it’s the sound of the undoubtedly large boobs bouncing in the sleazy Italian politician’s face at his sex parties, who thenceforth referred to them as such. But I digress, though I’d love some more insight into the etymology of “bunga bunga.”

Karima el-Mahroug, one of the Berlesconi’s bunga bunga girls, testified in the case against three former Berlusconi aides on Friday, revealing the strange and the very strange details of those wild nights. El-Mahroug described the parties, which were held in a disco at Burlusconi’s private villa where the women who performed often spent the night.

Among stories of women wearing naughty nun outfits with lingerie underneath, El-Mahroug stated that another bunga bunga woman dressed up as either Obama, donning a mask of his visage with sexy lingerie, or as a Milan magistrate who is leading the prosecution against Berlusconi, complete with a red wig and a magistrate’s robe. I’m not sure if Berlusconi’s spite for Obama and the Milanese magistrate manifested themselves in sexual urges or whether it was all some sort of odd joke, but either way, his boner has got some weird taste. I’m usually not one to judge people’s sexual predilections because all sex is basically weird, but that is WEIRD.

El-Mahroug is knee deep in the scandal herself. She was only 17 at the time of the bunga bunga parties, though she lied about her age and just about everything else to get there. During her testimony, the now 20-year-old spoke of how she told guests at the parties that her name was Ruby, that she was Egyptian, and that she was related to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which Berlusconi embarrassingly declared in defense of El-Mahroug when she was arrested, claiming that he wanted to avoid a diplomatic crisis. I wonder if he’s into diplomatic crisis erotica, too?

[Associated Press]

Image via AP.

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