Bill Cosby Argues That Allowing His Victims to Testify Was 'Fundamentally Unfair'

Bill Cosby Argues That Allowing His Victims to Testify Was 'Fundamentally Unfair'
Image:Mark Makela (Getty Images)

Bill Cosby has filed a new appeal in Pennsylvania Supreme Court, arguing that the trial that netted him a sexual assault conviction was “fundamentally unfair.”

Page Six reports that court documents filed on Tuesday argue that by allowing five accusers whose accounts fell outside the statute of limitations to appear as witnesses, the prosecution unfairly influenced the jury. Cosby also took issue with the prosecution using a deposition from an old civil suit that described his “use of quaaludes and his sexual behavior.” Allegedly, Cosby was told that deposition could not be used against him in future cases.

“Although the evidence was purportedly allowed for a limited purpose, the prosecution’s closing argument shows that the jury was urged to return a verdict against Cosby based on a depiction of him, unsupported by actual evidence, as a predator who drugged and raped women for decades,” the filing reads, according to ABC News.

The appeal follows an earlier appeal calling into question the five aforementioned witnesses whose allegations helped support the main accuser, Andrea Constand’s, testimony. They painted the picture of a man who serially abused and raped women, something dozens of women have already alleged to the media.

Cosby, meanwhile, is still claiming innocence.

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