Bill Hader Quietly Dated Ali Wong, Because Quietly Dating Celebs Is Apparently His Thing

And, look, I get it—if Hader’s ex Rachel Bilson is to be believed, the man is hung.

Bill Hader Quietly Dated Ali Wong, Because Quietly Dating Celebs Is Apparently His Thing
Photo:David Livingston, Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Marking the latest entry in 2022’s sprawling list of surprising celebrity relationships, apparently, Bill Hader and Ali Wong dated for “at least two months” at some point this year, though it’s over now, PageSix reported on Thursday.

“They’re no longer dating. They dated very briefly,” an “insider” told the outlet. “Briefly” is an interesting choice of words, seeing as two months is about the longest relationship I’ve ever had, but I digress. The source continued, “They’re just super busy with things, but [the split] was certainly amicable. They’re certainly friends.”

A separate source told PageSix the relationship had been very low-key, in that “only a small circle of A-list comedians know and everyone was thrilled about it,” and the former couple’s friends “helped them protect the relationship in light of Ali’s divorce.” Representatives for Wong confirmed in April that the stand-up had filed for divorce from her husband Justin Hakuta, a vice president at the healthcare company GoodRx with whom Wong shares two young daughters.

I can understand Hader and Wong’s inclination toward secrecy—it seems the former couple wanted to be mindful of their relationship’s timeline to not arouse any suspicion that there was overlap in her marriage. This was a big year for huge, messy, celeb and celeb-adjacent cheating scandals. So if I were vaguely famous and dating a new divorcée at this moment, I’d carefully game out the right time—if ever!—to go public, too.

At the same time, I doubt the secretive nature of Hader and Wong’s relationship was entirely about her divorce alone. Hader’s whole “thing” appears to be very quietly dating very famous women. It vaguely reminds me of his fellow Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson’s own approach to romance, which is also to pursue very famous women to great success, quietly enough at first. But Davidson seems to eventually become much more public about his affairs. Case in point: Last we saw of him, he was sitting courtside at a Knicks game with none other than Ms. Emily Ratajkowski.

But returning to Hader, we learned in January of this year that he and Anna Kendrick had, at that point, been covertly dating for an entire year, before the two eventually broke up in June. Hader was previously linked with The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson from Fall 2019 to Summer 2020, and their sole public appearance while together was the Golden Globes in January 2020.

We only ever seem to gain any insight into Hader and his love life after the fact—as when Bilson revealed to us in August this year that what she misses the most about Hader is, in her eloquent words, “his big dick.” I’m here for Wong making any similar post-mortem revelations on the relationship in the near future.

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