Billie Eilish Is Very Sorry She Got Caught Using a Racial Slur

The singer assures fans that there's no cause to label her as a racist

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Billie Eilish Is Very Sorry She Got Caught Using a Racial Slur
Image:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Last week a video of Billie Eilish mouthing the words to a song that included a derogatory term towards Asians started making the rounds on TikTok. In the video, Eilish mouths the slur and at some point starts speaking in a fake accent, which fans interpreted as another anti-Asian joke. Eilish, who is a month out from releasing another album, fired up the Notes App Tuesday morning to type out a lengthy apology, which she posted to an Instagram story.


Eilish chalks up this incident to youth, stating she was “13 or 14″ when the video was taken and she didn’t know what the word meant because it had not been used by anyone in her family. As for the accent, Eilish claims it was just some gibberish teen talk that she had done all the time and not meant to be an imitation of any accent or language.

As far as celebrity apologies go, this is run of the mill, however, Eilish made the classic mistake of mentioning that she was only addressing the issue because it was affecting her. “This is something I want to address because I’m being labeled something that I am not,” she wrote. Remember not to type the quiet parts out loud, Billie! You’re addressing it because you care about your fans! That’s always the answer. [USA Today]

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