​Bow Before Sandra Bullock, Your Entertainer of the Year


Entertainment Weekly has announced its latest Entertainer of the Year, and you probably won’t be particularly surprised at their pick: Sandra Bullock, who’ll be appearing on the magazine’s cover. This is her second time taking home the title.

been a pretty easy selection process, considering the year our pal
Sandy has had. She’s been lavished with praise for her performance
in Gravity and, oh yeah, that movie made enough money to refloat the Titanic in a tank outside Burbank—$576.9 million worldwide thus far, says The Wrap. That, by the way, comes on top of The Heat, another success for Hollywood’s funny ladies which earned $229.7 million.

But please, studio execs, tell me again why you can’t greenlight anything starring a woman?

Entertainment Weekly puts it a little more softly in its big cover reveal: “Bullock’s tremendous talent and range — to say nothing of the woman’s
trademark grace and good humor in good times and bad — is what earned
her the top spot on our annual list of the most exciting performers in

Additional honorees include Netflix, Matthew McConaughey (for Dallas Buyer’s Club), your dream bestie Jennifer Lawrence, and, yes, fucking Grumpy Cat.

This Week’s Cover: Our Entertainers of the Year! [Entertainment Weekly]

Sandra Bullock Named EW’s Entertainer of the Year For Second Time [The Wrap]

Photo Credit: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images

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