Bret Michaels: "Animal, Vegetable, It Kinda Turns Me On"

Just about everyone and everything turns on Bret Michaels. A woman with big breasts? Turn-on. A woman with small breasts? Same thing. If a woman is shy, it turns him on, if a woman is throwing herself at him, it turns him on, and even if a woman is throwing up, it turns him on. It’s become a running joke, so the folks at VH1 decided to have some fun with it, and had Bret play a game of "Animal, Vegetable, It Kinda Turns Me On," during which Bret is presented with options (Hillary Clinton, a kumquat, a four-way stop sign) and has to decide whether it’s an animal, a vegetable or a turn-on. Watch it all the way to the end to see Bret’s mini breakdown. He continues to rock our world.

Bret Michaels Plays Our Game [VH1]

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