Brian Williams Likes Big Butts, Cannot Lie


Hello, insomnia! If you’re still up and looking for a way to distract yourself before you fall into a fitful sleep which will likely end in a falling nightmare (no personal experience), you might enjoy this supercut of Brian Williams rapping “Baby Got Back” on The Tonight Show.

I love these supercuts, but I can’t help but think how many hours it takes to produce a short clip like this and how many interns (several of them refugees from Sonja Morgan’s School of Manners and Decorum, I’m sure) had to troll through video clips of Williams to extract this footage. I imagine several of them are in their beds right now, tossing and turning as Brian Williams raps at them in their dreams.

“Leave me alone!” the interns shout as they run for dear life, tripping over all manner of rocks, trying to cover their ears. But no matter how fast they run or how hard they can press their hands to their ears they can hear the harsh whistling of the wind and the rich and terrifying timbre of Brian Williams’ voice as he drones “baby got back, son” with no sign of tiring.

Have a good night!

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