Bristol Palin Says Girls Don't "Get" The Consequences Of Sex

In a truly depressing new People magazine cover story, Bristol Palin once again attempts to turn her life into a cautionary tale for other teens.

In order to do so, she must, with the help of People, imply that her life totally sucks. People helpfully mentions that she didn’t appear at all in her high school class’s graduation slideshow, and that she spent graduation night “not with a gang of friends but at home, giving her 5-month-old son a bottle while her extended family plays ‘Eskimo bingo.'” Bristol adds that she has had to write a school paper while listening to her son cry, and that “girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex.” But perhaps the strangest thing about the article is her statement that,

If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex. Trust me. Nobody.

Not only does the ignore the many ways to prevent the specific consequence Bristol’s talking about, it also sounds incredibly condescending. Does Bristol really think that girls have no idea that sex can lead to pregnancy? And what about boys? Bristol’s statement lets Levi off the hook pretty easily.

But she probably doesn’t mean to talk down to girls. Bristol is in an incredibly awkward position — she was forced to be a public figure when she isn’t particularly suited for it, the most private aspects of her life became national news, and now she’s supposed to simultaneously adore her baby son and hold him up as the career-destroying consequence of bad behavior. Bristol probably never would have become an abstinence advocate if not for her famous mom, and her life would probably be better for it. She certainly wouldn’t be called upon to make public statements about teen sexual behavior, something she’s clearly not very good at.

Bristol Palin Exposes Her Sometimes Isolated Life [People]

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