Britney Spears’s Dad Is Allegedly Suing a Blogger Over the #FreeBritney Conspiracy

Britney Spears’s Dad Is Allegedly Suing a Blogger Over the #FreeBritney Conspiracy

There’s yet another unfortunate update in #FreeBritney, the ongoing conspiracy theory that Britney Spears is being held against her will. The “Toxic” singer’s dad, Jamie Spears, who oversees her personal life and finances, has now sued a blogger for defamation, TMZ reports. He is taking action against Anthony Elia, founder of fan site Absolute Britney, for who he argues defamed him.

From TMZ:

In one post, Elia accused Jamie and co. of deleting positive comments from Instagram in order to highlight the negative comments … giving a false impression Britney was doing way worse than she actually was.
Elia is accused of falsely suggesting Britney’s team—directed by Jamie—is “using her social media in a way to negatively portray her and do her harm.” In other words, Elia suggested Jamie was making Britney’s condition seem worse than it was in reality.
In one post, Elia said, “This has to be a human right’s violation?”

In April, the dubiously sourced #FreeBritney theory spread across the ‘net, positing that Spears was being held at a mental institution against her will, a distressing extension of the ironclad conservatorship she’s been under since 2008. Since then, she’s left the facility, placed a permanent restraining order out on her former boss Sam Lufti and denied the theories. Still, Elia and his site have been very vocal about the #FreeBritney movement.

Neither Elia or Jamie Spears have commented on the lawsuit publicly.

Considering the innumerable instances of the rich and powerful going after bloggers and journalists in 2019, Jamie’s decision to target a Spears stan doesn’t surprise me, at all. I only wish everyone would just leave Britney alone, as Chris Crocker begged of us 12 years ago.

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