Celine Dion Shows Off Babies, Backyard Amusement Park On Oprah


Today during her twenty-seventh record-setting appearance on Oprah, Celine Dion let cameras into her home to capture the serene child rearing that takes place within. We’ll confess the combination of adorable twins, Celine cooing at the babies in French, and the story of her struggle with infertility warmed our cynical hearts. (But not completely; It’s too bad that Ana Gasteyer isn’t on SNL anymore, because her parody of Celine impersonating her baby would’ve been hysterical.)

The main reason we tuned in today was to see the amusement park Celine constructed on her Florida estate. You see, it’s too hard for her huge family to head out to Disney World like the rest of us, so she constructed a theme park getaway in her backyard. It’s really very practical … if you’re a lovably loopy celebrity with money to burn, that is.

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