Chic! Chic! Chic! At Paris Fashion Week!


It’s that time again: the couture shows at Paris Fashion Week! And the fashionista fan girls – Dita, Anna, Mischa, Marion – are out and looking amazing!

The Good:

I don’t know that anyone but Dita Von Teese could work the hell out of this dove silk shirtwaist! J’adore! (At Dior)

How covetable is Marion Cotillard’s vintagey noir? Dita obviously agrees.

Bojana Panic, at Dior, is pure chic in navy.

Ivana Trump is all business in a sharp suit at Stephane Rolland.

The Bad:

All the cream pies and red paint in the world cannot sway Anna Wintour‘s commitment to keeping fur, ahem, dead. At Chanel.

The future mom in me wants to tell Melissa Mars to stand up straight, put on pants.

I’d say Lola Karimova looks like Ivana Trump, but Ivana Trump doesn’t look like she’s going to a little girl’s birthday party.

Maybe in person Linda Hardy’s getup – at Stephane Rolland- is less unflattering?

I’d get Mischa Barton‘s beaded Dior…were it not halfway down her chest.

[Images via Getty]

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