Chill Pope Casually Pops Into Burger King for a Wardrobe Change


Apparently Pope Francis can relate to that one time you were running super late and had to apply makeup in the restroom of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, because he recently used a Burger King for a wardrobe change.

That’s according to ABC News, reporting on the Bolivian leg of his South American trip. He was scheduled to deliver mass, but he needed somewhere to change into his vestments. And so he ducked into Burger King:

The restaurant, draped with white curtains and surrounded by plainclothes Swiss Guard, served as the sacristy for today’s huge open air mass in Santa Cruz. The sacristy is where the priest dresses, saying prayers as he dons each item of clothing.
He had been riding around in the Popemobile for about a half hour when his entourage pulled up to the Burger King, which had been reserved three days ago for the event because the restaurant is so close to the stage for the mass.

Our best wishes to the elite Vatican laundry squad that had to get the smell of french fries out of those robes.

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Image via AP.

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