Chloë Sevigny: 'I’d Rather Cut Off My Pinkie Than Google Myself'

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According to a recent interview in Town and Country, Chloë Sevigny is all “Haha I’m an ‘it girl’ whatever that means HONK.”

That was some slight paraphrasing — here’s the real deal:

“The whole ‘It Girl’ thing—I never felt that was the correct label, because I saw that as meaning ‘flash in the pan,’ or ‘socialite,’ or ‘rich girl,’ or ‘druggie girl,’ or ‘model girl,’ even though its origin is Clara Bow, who was the coolest thing ever.” Whether sought after or not, the title has stuck, and Sevigny admits there’s little point in trying to shake it now. “It must come up when you Google me or something,” she says, following up with her disarming trademark laugh, a big, generous honk that sounds a little like a Canada goose in migration. “I’d rather cut off my pinkie than Google myself.”

I guess I feel kinda the opposite about the whole Googling myself thing, but that’s why she’s Chloë Sevigny and I’m still in my pajamas at 4pm. [Town and Country]

Kris and Bruce Jenner are dunzo:

Kim Kardashian’s mother and step-father have been living in different houses since she moved into their Calabasas mansion with her baby daughter North West, with the former Olympian decamping to a Malibu pad.
“We are living separately and we are much happier this way,” Kris and Bruce said in a statement after months of denying the strains in their relationship.

Break-ups are the worst! [Radar]

Miley Cyrus‘ party for her Bangerz album sounds wack and terrible:

“Miley wanted the most over the top ‘Madhouse’ ever so she had Jeff bring the cast from Los Angeles including monkeys and little people,” a source told
“She wants this to be an outrageous party and it she’s planned a lot of surprises for everyone who will be there. Miley isn’t doing anything small scale anymore, everything is a huge dramatic production.”

God, I feel bad for everyone involved. That is some tacky-ass Wolf of Wall Street shit right there. [Radar]

Rihanna is moving. Apparently people have been stalking and burglarizing her house, which is creepy as hell and super awful. [TMZ]

Michelle Williams took her daughter to visit the old Dawson’s Creek filming locations and didn’t take us. Unforgivable. [US]

Zac Efron bought a big-ass house. [TMZ]

Corey Feldman says that orgy story was made up by “the competition” to destroy his reputation. Amazing! [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Tom Hanks has Type 2 diabetes. [Dlisted]

John Mayer and Taylor Swift were at Disneyland on different days. [Perez]

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith to play the cleanly sociopath Patrick Bateman in a London stage musical adaptation of American Psycho. [NYT]

Pippa Middleton killed a lot of birds. [Dlisted]

It’s a Very Grey’s Anatomy Wedding! [Perez]

Finally, don’t ever change! And neither will I! (Unless, one day, after years of intense therapy, I am able to do so.)

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