Class Up Your Place with a Limited-Edition Print From Gawker Artists


You know how Gawker Artists does such a lovely job of fancying up your browser window with new art? Now you can own some of those images IRL. The brand-new Gawker Artists Shop is proud to be working with the taste-makers at Society6 in order to bring you specially curated, limited-edition prints from a few stand-out artists. Each piece is one of a special 100-edition run, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the artist. For just $90, your living room can go from hobo to highbrow!

Gawker Artist Kelsey Bennett’s photographs are based on the concept of hypnogogia (the state between wakefulness and sleep). She has created visuals which resonate with the psychological unhinging of the human subconscious. Her characters exist in a world where ideology meets fear and the American dream starts to feel like a hallucination saturated in color and filled with homage to cinema. Gawker Artists is offering two of Bennett’s limited-edition prints: Eyeballs (above) and Pie (left). Both prints are 23″ x 17″, and are available in the Gawker Artists Print Shop. Head here to see work from all the Gawker Artists, and to order your print now!

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