Did This Cop Mishandle A Female Protester?


Some feel that in this video, from a protest in Puerto Rico, a cop deliberately fondles the breasts of a handcuffed woman. It’s unclear whether or not that’s actually what’s going on here, but it’s just adding to the unrest.

These are students protesting an $800 hike in tuition at the island’s only state-run University. This event — which occurred earlier this week — follows a two-month student strike last spring and an incident over the summer in which student protesters were assaulted by tear gas and SWAT teams. Wrote the reader who sent us the video, “Sadly, in this small Island nation, which belongs to but is not a part of the U.S., things like these happen every day and the world does not pay attention.”

Student Protests Tie Up Campuses in Puerto Rico
[NY Times]
U. Of Puerto Rico Faces Renewed Student Protests [Chronicle of Higher Education]

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