Donald Trump Is Going on 60 Minutes 


President Donald Trump is bringing his death rattle schtick to 60 Minutes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which got its information from CNN’s Reliable Sources, Trump taped an interview with Lesley Stahl on Thursday at the White House. The interview, which marks his first appearance on the program since ascending to the presidency, will be aired on Sunday.

In reports so far CBS News has remained silent on the details. CNN suggests that since only one other piece has been announced for this Sunday, the Trump interview is likely to be a two-parter.

He must be feeling good since he got his beer-extolling, lady-hating judge on the bench. He’s certainly been chatty lately as evidenced by this bizarre sit-down with New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi. I wonder if he’s going to talk about how great he is and what a fantastic job he’s doing and how much everyone loves him, though they don’t often like people, just him because he says it like it is, with a face that looks like different shades of discolored ham laid atop one another.

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