Dress Well For Better Fortunes (Literally)


Be careful what you wear when you go for a psychic reading! Your fate — or at least the psychic’s perception — may depend on it.

Personally, I tend to only go to psychics on a whim when I’m in crisis, and generally the fact that I’m sobbing when they see me is a pretty good tipoff to my state of mind — oddly enough, they almost always tell me there’s some sadness in my aura that will require a very expensive cleansing. (That’s $300 I won’t get back, clairvoyant in Providence.) But other indicators can effect prognostication, too. This video, from the New York Times magazine, is cool in any case: a model dresses up in different guises and visits clairvoyants. And their advice differs — even that of the same psychic. Says filmmaker Elle Muliarchyk, “The same psychic who told the model to clean up her act when she was dressed like a hippie, saw Harvard in her future a few days later when she was dressed up like an Upper East Side lady.” I think given the subject, any of them would have been safe in predicting modeling in Meghan Collison future…wonder if any of them did? Another question: is it fair to make psychics unwitting participants in a fashion shoot?

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