Education Is Like, So Totally Rad, You Guys!


I am both horrified and delighted by cheap commercials. They are unavoidable to those of us who watch a decent amount of television; lame jingles, wacky local salesman, and, of course, the Education Connection girl.

I am going to be honest with you here: I have no idea what Education Connection is. That’s the point of these commercials, I believe, to give you just enough information to say, “Yes, but what the hell IS it?” so that you seek it out on the ever-changing (yet always shady) internet address that pops up on the bottom of the screen. From what I understand, Education Connection is a service that promises to help people find the right college for them.

This ad has currently played at least 700 times since I woke up this morning:

You guys, I can’t decide if I love or loathe this commercial. It is kind of my jam right now, but I am so torn! It’s effective, in that I end up singing, “I went on the in-terr-net” around the house for hours on end, but at the same time, there’s something kind of irritating about it, as well. It’s nowhere near as bad as the “school in pjs” ad the service ran last year, wherein a girl in short shorts and a tank top told the boys to “cover up , please!” while discussing the value of going to school in one’s pajamas. Like, totally!

I suppose I’m just looking for your input on this one, commenters: the ad works, as the jingle is catchy as hell, but there’s something…off about it, yeah? (Perhaps it’s the gratuitous boob shots, or just the general shadiness of the whole thing.) Or maybe I’m just a bitter old lady who hates to see the American Idol/High School Musicalization of EVERYTHING, especially education, though if the ad encourages young women to further their educations, then that’s important, as well. What say you?

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