Elon Musk and His Dad Are Both Huge Proponents of Spreading Their Seed, Apparently

“The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce,” Errol Musk, 76, said, shortly after confirming his second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter.

Elon Musk and His Dad Are Both Huge Proponents of Spreading Their Seed, Apparently

Like father, like son: It turns out Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn’t the only member of his family obsessed with spreading his seed, well, every-fucking-where. This week, Elon’s famously estranged father, 76-year-old Errol Musk, confirmed the birth of his second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter—Elon’s stepsister—Jana Bezuidenhout, three years ago. Errol, a developer who made his fortune in South Africa, also shared some thoughts about his now hard-launched seventh child with The Sun on Thursday: ​​“The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

The news comes just days after Insider reported that Elon had spawned twins—his eighth and ninth known children—with an executive at one of his companies at some point last year. Elon confirmed the news with celebratory (?) statements virtually identical to his father’s: “Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis,” he tweeted. And: “I hope you have big families and congrats to those who already do!”

Errol and Bezuidenhout share one other child, a 5-year-old son. Errol has five other confirmed children in total, two of whom are notably Bezuidenhout’s half-sisters, but the actual number might be even higher. “I have about six people, women who claim that their child is my child right now. Obviously they are opportunists,” he told The Sun. “There was a period in Johannesburg in the ’80s that I was going out with a different woman every night. I had plenty of dates. So it’s quite conceivable that one of them could actually come back and say, ‘This is your child.’”

The 76-year-old declined to rule out having more children, but did rule out marrying or remaining in a relationship with Bezuidenhout: “It’s not practical. She’s 35,” he told the outlet. “Any man who marries a [younger] woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while, but there’s a big gap … and that gap is going to show itself.” Now, having multiple children with a much younger woman?? Perfectly practical, apparently.

The age difference between Errol and his stepdaughter is pretty fucking icky, but so is pretty much everything else about the Woody Allen-esque relationship. Some have pointed out this is a pretty classic, open-and-shut case of grooming: Errol became Bezuidenhout’s stepfather and has cultivated a relationship with her since she was 4. He’s previously tried to save face by claiming in 2018 that he didn’t have a significant role in Bezuidenhout’s upbringing, because she was “raised away from the family for long periods,” and that the two didn’t reconnect until 2017, eight years after his divorce from Bezuidenhout’s mother, Heide Bezuidenhuot. “One thing led to another—you can call it God’s plan or nature’s plan,” he said. I prefer to call it—again—icky

In any case, it’s not hard to tell why Elon and Errol are estranged—even for a Musk, Errol seems pretty skeevy. But all things considered, they clearly have a lot in common: Both are obsessed with fearmongering about the population using language straight out of 20th century fascist Italy’s playbook (can a breeding kink be genetic??). Consequently, they both have sizable armies of confirmed and possibly unconfirmed progeny. And they both have children that want absolutely nothing to do with them! Fathers of the Year.

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