Erika Jayne Might Have to Give Up the Glam Squad to Pay Back Victims of Her Husband's Embezzlement Scheme

Erika's assets are now fair game for former clients suing her estranged husband

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Erika Jayne Might Have to Give Up the Glam Squad to Pay Back Victims of Her Husband's Embezzlement Scheme
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may as well stop the season right now and just give Erika Jayne a camera of her own to film what the hell is going on in the legal battle between her, her ex-husband Tom Girardi, and the ex-clients who are coming for millions worth of Erika’s shoes. A judge has ruled that since Girardi’s law firm transferred $20 million to Erika and her various endeavors, the Ruigomez family, former clients of Girardi’s law firm, are free to pursue a collections lawsuit against Erika, should they choose. Even better, the Ruigomez family will be able to collect the $11 million owed to them by Tom and his law firm after a judge ruled the family’s suit could continue against the Girardi family and the Girardi Keese law firm.

Erika filed for divorce in November of last year which has since been labeled a legal maneuver to tie up both her and Tom’s assets to avoid paying the Ruigomez family and other former clients who were allegedly cheated out of money when they hired Tom as their lawyer. Since then, Erika has denied any knowledge of such a scheme and has been on RHOBH selling her divorce like it’s the last performance she will ever give. [People]

As was foretold by the Seers, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are thinking of moving in together “very soon,” according to US Weekly. A source, that is probably Emme sending some texts at this point, told the magazine that the two have been spending every night together when they’re not working, which isn’t hard to believe considering the paparazzi just always happen to catch them outside being together.

While it was all fun and games when they first brought Bennifer 2.0 into our lives, things are getting serious not just because of the potential shared real estate, but the fact that both of them have children who would be living in that house at some point. JLo is extremely hands-on with her twins, whom she takes with her just about everywhere, and Ben is… also a parent. “[Jennifer] intends to be an involved stepmom who’s there for Ben in that area, plus she’ll want him to make the same effort with her and Marc’s kids,” a source told Us Weekly. Hope the Lopez children like Dunkin!

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