Etiquette For The Recently Deflowered Girl


Have you ever wondered about the proper thing to say after you’ve been deflowered during a trans-Pacific flight? Just follow the late, great Edward Gorey’s advice for “girls over the threshold to womanhood.”

Found Objects has unearthed the 1965 book The Recently Deflowered Girl – illustrated by Edward Gorey and ostensibly written by “Hyacinthe Phypps” – an etiquette book parody that instructs young ladies on what to say after losing their virginity. A variety of common first time scenarios are covered, including deflowerment by a mustachioed marimba player, a famous crooner, and the ghost of Rudolph Valentino at a seance. The book is out of print, but fortunately every page has been scanned, so it can continue to “serve the current generation of young ladies as it served their mothers.” [Found Objects]

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