Farrah's Bad Attitude


Week after week it’s so uncomfortable watching as Farrah’s parents speak to her in calm tones while she continually reverts to an angry 15-year-old, unable to carry on an adult conversation with them. But her bad attitude seemed to hit a peak on last night’s episode after she invited her parents on a trip to Arizona with her to help her look for places where she and her daughter Sophia could live. Farrah had asked her parents on the trip because they apparently had lived in Arizona before and she thought they could be of some help. However, she gave them serious attitude the entire time, and quite frankly, acted like a beast toward them at dinner. While some anger issues are understandable because there’s a history of domestic violence between Farrah and her mother, her parents seemed to be really trying to get along with her.

Farrah went into more detail about her bad mood on the After Show. She said that what was really bothering her is that her parents divorced between the first and second seasons of Teen Mom, yet, as of season three, they still live in the same house. Farrah said that while on their trip to Arizona, her parents were trying to rekindle their relationship, and were walking around holding hands and kissing each other. Interestingly, she was honest enough to admit that she was jealous of them, because she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with anyone.

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