February 21, 2011


Oprah’s Long History Of Sketchy “Experts” And Endorsements

With the news that Dr. Melvin Levine-who appeared on Oprah repeatedly over the course of several years as a childhood education expert-committed suicide on Friday, the same day that 40 of his former patients filed a medical malpractice and sexual abuse suit against him, it begs the question of whether O is doing enough vetting of the authors and experts to whom she chooses to lend her credibility. Read more »

More Details On Lara Logan’s Assault, And What It Means For Female Journalists

As more details emerge about Lara Logan’s assault, a predictable debate begins: should female journalists be barred from war zones? Read more »

Justin Bieber Gets A Haircut, World Manages To Keep Spinning

You’d better sit down for this earth-shattering hair news: Justin Bieber has done away with his signature ‘do. Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus Tweeted a pic of his new look. Read more »

Queer Carrie Bradshaw, And Other Movies And TV You Want To See

“Sometimes, you just have to say, ‘Fuck you,'” said Hounddog director Deborah Kampmeier. It was at a recent all-star panel at the Athena Film Festival in New York (moderated by our own Dodai), on the Bechdel Test. Read more »

Beyoncé’s Face “Voluntarily” Darkened For Fashion Shoot

Beyoncé is featured on the new cover of noted French fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris. The publication is celebrating its 90th anniversary; Ms. Knowles joins the festivities by “paying tribute” to Nigerian musician and human rights activist Fela Kuti. Apparently she went to see the Broadway show Fela! and was inspired to use his music as an influence on her upcoming album. The magazine photo shoot is tied in somehow, with an “African Queen” theme. Read more »

I Wore Jeggings And I Liked It

When I first heard about “leggings that look like jeans,” I thought, what a terrible, disgusting, highly unflattering idea. Read more »

Freaking Out About Men Is Sexist Toward Everybody

Another day, another piece about how young men these days are losers. This kind of hand-wringing is sexist toward dudes – but it sucks for women too. Read more »

Tabloid Won’t Honor Its Satisfaction-Guaranteed Refund Policy

Prepare yourself for the shocking tale of how one tabloid deceived its readers for weeks, seemingly without remorse. I’m not talking about how the weekly gossip rags regularly print spurious rumors about Jessica Simpson’s undying love for Nick Lachey or Suri’s skincare regimen. OK! magazine broke a promise, and no amount of adorable Jolie-Pitt kid photos will ever make it up to me. Read more »

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