Fetus Dolls Given To Grade-Schoolers • Reality Show Casting Women Who Can't Get A Man


• Kids at the Oakwood Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia received some strange instructional materials. Over the past few months, a pro-life staff member handed out dozens of 4 inch-long fetus dolls with an informational card attached to students.

The principal has since been placed on leave, and members of the board of education are flummoxed as to who thought this was okay. “Very life like, and it’s a pro-life tool,” said Kirk Houston Sr. To be quite honest, that is so incredible to me, that a staff member would do something so … entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.” • Midwives and hospital staff are being warned about the dangers of leaving swabs inside woman who have just given birth. In the past two years, a watchdog group in the UK has received 99 reports of swabs being left inside the vaginas of new moms. The unwanted products can pose a danger of infection, and the Royal College of Midwives suggests that health professionals be more careful counting swabs. • A 30-year-old single mother from Illinois lost her job at Wal-Mart recently after she attempted to stop a thief from making off with a $600 computer. “While we appreciate her intentions, Ms. Ravenstein’s actions put her safety — and perhaps the safety of our customers — in jeopardy and, in the process, violated company policy,” explained a Wal-Mart spokeswoman. Ravenstein had been a Wal-Mart employee for two years before she decided to try and save her company some money by stopping a shoplifter. • A 19-year-old woman has requested a temporary restraining order against John Mark Karr, who became famous in 1996 for falsely claiming to have murdered JonBenet Ramsey. Karr reportedly threatened to murder the young woman and has sent her emails with “threats of sexual exploitation to children.” • 14 years ago, Lori Berenson was jailed in Peru for her work with a Marxist rebels. Back then, she was a “fiery leftist” who was convicted of collaborating with the violent Guerrilla group. Now, she’s a mom – and has reportedly “mellowed somewhat” as she aged. However, she is still rather outspoken about her political beliefs. “I don’t think she’d be a Tea Partier,” remarked her mother. • The Daily Mail takes a break from their normal woman-hating schedule and celebrates three “daredevil women” who make up the ladies’ adventure team Femme 45. Christie Glissmeyer, Kate Wagner, and Melissa DeCarlo are all extreme kayakers from Oregon and Vancouver. “There are three of us in the core group, but we like to include the talented ladies we meet along the way,” said Glissmeyer. The name Femme 45 comes from their “signature 45 second video teasers.” And in case you don’t already have a girl crush, they also volunteer to teach young adults with cancer how to kayak. • When it comes to gender equality, IndyCar has surpassed NASCAR in leaps and bounds. There are four women set to drive in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500, a new record for the race, while not so much as a single female driver will compete at the NASCAR event later that day. • On Thursday, the Aceh regency in Indonesia will begin enforcing a ban against women wearing form-fitting trousers. A Regent official told the press that they have been “given a full authority to enforce Islamic law,” which forbids tight pants, blouses, and transparent clothes. Women caught wearing tight bottoms will be reprimanded and repeat offenders will have their clothes seized. • Guess who is suffering from recent state budget cuts? Ladies, natch. Laura Flanders at the Huffington Post breaks down the latest injustices facing working moms, and the increasing trend of cutting child care funds throughout the U.S. She pointedly calls out Governor Arnold for his slash-and-burn approach to saving funds. • Some studies have found that black women have less luck with IVF than white women, but doctors believe freezing eggs may help level the pregnancy playing field. A current study of 169 women found that African-American and white women were equally likely to give birth following treatment with stored, frozen embryos created from their own eggs. • And for all the women out there wondering Pregnant at 47: Can I do that? CNN has the answer: Yes, but you need eggs and money. More specifically, you need eggs from a younger woman and at least $16,000. But theoretically, with these two magic ingredients, anyone with a healthy uterus can give birth, even women in their golden years. • “Are you having trouble attracting Mr. Right? Do you know what you want in a man, but are having trouble finding that perfect someone? Do you totally relate with Chilli from ‘What Chilli Wants’? Would you like to learn the secret to finding your soulmate?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, we suggest you try online dating. Or get a hobby. Or you could answer this casting call and become the next reality television star. Your choice. •

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