Find Love on Halloween by Wearing a Silly Costume

It’s October 31, Halloween night, and you’re lonely. Maybe you’re considering going to a party. But before you head out in your laziest, thrown-together costume, this evergreen Halloween article explains why you might want to get more creative.

In a piece about finding love on the scariest night of the year, the Chicago Tribune writes:

Halloween isn’t traditionally thought of as a romantic holiday. Sure, some people use it as an excuse to wear skimpy outfits, but many others opt for costumes that are humorous, puzzling or utterly terrifying — sometimes a mix of all three. Most of these ensembles don’t exactly scream “date me,” but still, love can find a way.

Here’s an odd success story: three years ago, 23-year-old Francie wore a Sriracha costume to a Halloween party in Austin, where she met her husband Gusty. Lucky for her, Sriracha costumes turn him on:

Gremillion’s costume was a big hit with partygoers, but it made one person’s heart nearly skip a beat.
“I put Sriracha on just about everything minus breakfast cereal, so obviously I was immediately attracted to her outfit,” said Gusty Simpson, 24, of Austin. “Although I’m not exactly sure why she was attracted to me, because I had a bowl cut.”

The article also tells the story of Renee, who met a guy dressed as Borat one All Hallow’s Eve. “He was walking around the entire bar by himself and I remember thinking, is that guy even with someone?” she says. “He came up to me and said, ‘You are very pretty girl. You are very nice.'”

A classic pickup line. And What happened next?

They married in September. The couple said they still take Halloween very seriously every year.

Very seriously. This all sounds like the makings of a wonderful, cheesy rom-com starring Hugh Grant and 41 other actors. But I have to admit, dressing in a silly or weird costume does add a quirk factor that would make it easier for someone to make the first move. Or as relationship expert April Masini puts it:

“Costumes can act as “social lubricants” that empower people to step outside their comfort zone and thus improve their odds of connecting with others.”

Go forth and lubricate yourself in your best sexy ghoul costume. Good luck!

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