Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Threatens To Sue the Internet For Calling Her Old


Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will sue a group of unidentified internet ghosts for using her likeness to promote anti-aging services, unless they stop right now.

The photos in question appear in the native advertising section of the trashiest websites, with captions like, “Divorced for being too old, see her revenge makeover.” Most frequent internet surfers know that these ads are the equivalent of cigarette butts or that weird black gummy substance that develops in little solid puddles on every subway bench — ever-present, of mysterious provenance, and ultimately harmless unless you touch it with your finger.

Brewer tried to ignore the ads, but found herself unable.

“It’s obviously a very distorted and unflattering photo, and it’s hurtful and it’s wrong,” she said in an interview with The Arizona Republic. “I want whoever is behind the use of this image to cease and desist and do so immediately or it will leave me with no option but to pursue legal recourse against them.”

“No matter where I go, where I travel, people bring it up,” she continued. “They’re using it for commercial purposes. And by the way, I’m not a public official anymore.”

Fox News reached out to several of the companies that post ads in those spaces, and neither had any knowledge of any campaigns involving Brewer, but they also said they would stop posting them.

“We review and approve all images based on our internal standards and would not allow the use of celebrity images that imply any sort of endorsement unless that endorsement is verified,” said spokesperson Jonathan Marikiles.

“I am sure that our approval team would have had no idea that this image was of Gov. Brewer. As a result of this story, we will be removing and stopping any advertiser campaigns in our platform that are using this image and we will not accept it in the future.”

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