Fox News Declares Breast Cancer Campaign the 'Feminization' of the NFL


Andrea Tantaros at Fox News’ The Five was not pleased about the NFL’s October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign (nevermind that it ended over a month ago) — not because it was a total sham, but because it made football too girly.

Of course, what the folks at Fox News are really mad about is the NFL’s decision not to run a pro-gun commercial during the Super Bowl. Apparently, opting out on the ad is an assault not only on gun rights, but on masculinity as a whole. Oh, yeah, sure. I can see that. Because it used to be that come Sunday every male football fan that I knew was either watching the game or popping off a couple rounds in the air, Yosemite Sam-style. (Sometimes they’d do both at the same time WHILE eating a steak.)

Sadly, all of that has changed since the NFL decided to try to appeal to women. Not only will they not show gun commercials (because all women hate guns, ammirite?), but they’re putting their players in pink shoes to raise awareness about WOMEN’S health. Yeesh, next thing you know, the NFL will cancel the Super Bowl altogether and replace it with a conversation about periods or something.

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