Full Coverage Of The 2011 Academy Awards


The 25 Faces Of James Franco

The winners of last night’s Academy Awards were perhaps the most predictable in the ceremony’s history. So it seemed as though the only element of surprise-or entertainment at all-came from James Franco’s ever-changing facial expressions. More »

Did Melissa Leo Beat Ageism?

Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress last night at the Oscars, despite the backlash from the vaguely baffling ads she took out for herself, and despite what she’d described as her reason for taking them out in the first place: bias against older women. So what happened? More »

Your 2011 Academy Award Winners

Here’s who went home with little gold men — and who’s getting a serious pay hike. More »

Oscars Fashion: When It Was Good, It Was Good

Lots of red, sheer sparkles, and impressive cleavage — yes, it was very good indeed. More »

Oscars Fashion: And When It Was Bad, Oh Was It Bad

Pretty darn horrid, in fact. We’re looking at you, Sharon Stone and Eva Mendes — to name a few. More »

All The 2011 Oscars Moments You Need To See

Couldn’t sit through four hours of stars thanking their agents and reading corny jokes from a teleprompter? Here are all of the best moments from this year’s Oscars, from Melissa Leo dropping the first F-bomb in Academy Awards history to James Franco dressed as Marilyn Monroe. More »

The Ceremony Play-By-Play

Everything that happened, minute by excruciating minute. More »

The Pre-Show Parade

Because the ceremony is always boring, let’s celebrate the hours of awkward weirdness that always precedes it! More »

Do Oscar Winners Live Longer?

ou know how if you are a lady, an Oscar is a curse that means your husband will cheat on you with a tattoo model? Well, there’s an upside (aside from, like, the fact that you won an Oscar). More »

A History Of Lesbian Characters At The Oscars

Through the Academy’s history, there have been six actresses nominated for playing lesbian characters, three in the leading category and three in the supporting. This is not including Bening’s most recent nomination. More »

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