FYI: There Are at Least Two Female Motley Crüe Cover Bands


Girls Girls Girls is an all-female Motley Crüe tribute band that hails from New York. Made up of four women, including lead singer “Vixen Neil,” “Mercedes Mars,” “Tawny Lee,” and “(OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE).

They’ve been playing together since 2007 and even opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Korn:

Girls covers all eras of Motley Crüe musically without trying to emulate one specific look, retaining some of their own originality in the process. Known for their sexy chic rocker attire adorned with leather, chains, spikes and thigh-high boots, the band delivers the music with a flirtatiously feminine twist. They inject their own personalities into the mix and wind up original sounding, rebellious and sharp.

Their version of “Girls Girls Girls” is pretty on point, too.

Not to be left out of the cold, there is also Motley Screw, made up of Shani Neil, B.L. Mars, Mini Sixx and Tami Lee.

I have no words for how happy this makes me, as an old person who grew up lip syncing all these hair metal band songs in my mirror for hours. For those of you about to tell me how bad this music “sucks,” LOOK YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND METAL, OK? *runs to room, slams door, blasts Shout At The Devil cassette tape*

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