Gabrielle Union's New Fiancé Dwyane Wade Has New Baby by Someone Else


One week after proposing to actress Gabrielle Union with a stunning diamond ring, this man Dwyane Wade announces — lets news leak of? — a new baby boy with another woman. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. The star Miami Heat player hooked up with the mother of his newest son while he and Union were “on a break.”

Oh hell no.

Gabby reportedly learned of the new addition to the Wade brood, he’s also raising his two sons from a previous marriage and his nephew, before accepting his proposal on December 21. I should hope so! Wade’s known the newborn’s mother for years and he and Gabby were working it all out privately, according to People. Wade mentioned his break from his now-fiance during an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show earlier this year.

“Celebrity relationships [are] very hard,” he says. “This was a big year for us and our relationship from the standpoint of she was shooting her show Being Mary Jane, going most of the year. I was dealing with my injuries, trying to win a championship, so we kinda took a step back. …
“We supported each other … but at the end of the day we came back together and [said], ‘Listen, we want to continue this, we want to continue to try to get better each day,’ and she’s been with me, and I’ve been with her all summer long. We’re going strong now.”

So while she was shooting her upcoming BET show Being Mary Jane and Wade was “trying to win a championship” he was also sliding with another woman. You know, because playing with the guy many think is this generation’s Michael Jordan — Kobe Bryant fans, I’m not having that discussion with you — is so hard. Wah!

Look, I don’t know Wade’s personal life outside of what’s been reported, and it’s a doozy. Who knows if Gabby called her side boo as well, and just managed not to have a bun in the oven come winter? But I will say after falling in like with the actress because of her Planned Parenthood work and truth telling around her own rape, I’m upset with Wade for casting such a long shadow over what should be a thrilling and giddy moment for Union as well as the mother of his newest child. Like, really dude? Really? But, let’s be responsible here folks, the circumstances through which this new little Wade came into the world isn’t the baby’s fault, so congratulations. I’m sure he’s adorable.

Anyway, here’s a cute photo shoot video of the Wade-Union clan werking to my favorite Christmas song. *kicks rocks*

ps. To add insult to injury? This whole “baby with another woman while we were broken up” is literally a story line from Mara Brock Akil’s The Game. Akil is also the writer-director of Union’s new show Being Mary Jane. Sigh.

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