General Wesley Clark Is The Biggest Catch


Retired General Wesley Clark might have failed at his bid for the highest office in the land, but he’s really racking it up late in life. Ever since filing for divorce from his wife of over three decades in May, Clark has been linked up with Shauna Mei, a woman almost 40 years his junior.

The love between Clark and Mei seemed destined to blossom from the start. Mei founded the website, which describes itself as the “ultimate discovery destination, connecting the best the world has to offer to the most discerning individuals from around the globe” and, as Gawker notes, Clark likes to align himself with successful entrepreneurs. According to Page Six, the pair met not at a singles mixer but at a Deepak Chopra conference. Which means a man who sends tweets like this:

has been responsible for a love on this earth.

In other, more upsetting news, Clark’s wife – from whom he is not divorced yet – is reportedly not pleased about Mei’s relationship with her husband. This same source describes her as “totally blindsided and devastated by the divorce”:

“Gertrude stood by him through all those wars, all those years, as they moved home [sic] 32 times because of his career.”

By my calculations, “all those wars” consists of at least the Vietnam War, the Kosovo War, the Gulf War, and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, plus a few other conflicts in there. But 32 moves! That’s still less impressive than the number of years Gertrude and Wesley were together, or the age difference between Shauna and Wesley. The winner in this arrangement is, clearly as it usually is, Wesley.

Despite dating a woman less than half his age, Gen. Wesley Clark is still not divorced from his wife of 46 years [NYP]

Images via Carolyn Kaster/AP and Twitter

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