Gigi Hadid Vamps With the Dolphins in New Calvin Harris Video


Gigi Hadid, model/reality star/friend of Swift, adds a second entry to her video-girl roster; after posing as “Bad Blood”’s Slay-Z, she now stars in Taylor Swift’s manfriend Calvin Harris’s “How Deep Is Your Love,” an utterly effervescent vocal house banger. Of course, there are dolphins.

Much of what Hadid does in this video is flip around her hair a lot—good god, woman, we certainly do know you have glorious hair—and kind of, vamp. There’s a very loose, vague theme in which Hadid appears to be some sort of Frankensteinian exemplar of perfection (so, reality); she wakes up on a steel table in the back of a warehouse rave, obviously, ends up on a yacht with old-money bougies, is inspired by dolphins to take a dip in the pool and then, for some reason, finds a nursery adjacent to a practice space for a couple of gardener-dancers.

It wraps up at a bonfire with no denouement—but does it need it? This song is about vibes, and the “love” in question, of course, refers to the dancefloor. Who cares about emotions when there are parties to be had, air that needs hands thrown in it, 4/4 beats that require bodies to interpret them? Of course: summer banger.

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