Good Grief: Now Black Swan's Influencing Our Wardrobes, Too


“Come spring, a ballet-inspired trend may well extend to every level of the [fashion] market,” says a NYT blog. It was inevitable, right?

The relevant post goes back in time to find evidence of Black Swan‘s influence on what we’re wearing, and the results seem like a bit of a stretch. Haven’t we all been wearing ballet flats for years? And as I recall, Forever 21 was selling gauzy, flouncy tutu-like skirts back in the fall of 2009. Probably sold other ballet-type stuff there well before that (they sell everything at Forever 21—have you heard of it???)

Going forward, what kinds of ballet-inspired fashions do we have to look forward to? Well, Karl Lagerfeld has “infused” some of his spring ready-to-wear looks with shredded fabric and plumes, and J. Mendel’s got a cocktail dress that comes with “winglike panels.” Whoah, that sounds intense! Could come in handy at stuffy parties, though—winglike garments tend to be conversation starters.

And let’s not forget about marabou tufts! As soon as we figure out what the hell these are, we are going to get some.

You have to admit that a Black Swan fashion fad is a fuck-ton better than a diet fad.

Practice Those Pliés [New York Times]
Image Ollie Crafoord/via Flickr.

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