Grace Coddington's New Talk Show Debuts With Nostalgic Ansel Elgort Interview 


A very chic and attractive talk show has arrived. Vanity Fair reported on Thursday that former Vogue creative director Grace Coddington’s original series Face to Grace, which she clearly hosts, launched on the streaming fashion network Made to Measure on Wednesday.

The six episodes, all of which were filmed at Mr Chow in Midtown Manhattan (Coddington’s ex-husband Michael Chow owns the restaurant), begin with one devoted to Ansel Elgort. You can watch that here. Later guests include Sofia Coppola, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Anna Wintour—so, no one we haven’t heard from before (in fact, The Hollywood Reporter relays that all the guests are “industry influencers”).

The interview is pretty much overshadowed by Elgort’s giant bejeweled frog rings. (At least I think they’re frogs.) That’s not a problem for me.

Highlights include Coddington telling the story of how she met Elgort as a baby at a party thrown by Wintour for his dad, the photographer Arthur Elgort (“I think there was something like they couldn’t get a babysitter,” she muses). Ansel demonstrates a grasp of his father’s photography, and humility about being in Vogue photoshoots as a little kid. Later, Elgort admits he’s not a fan of the new Star Wars films (“I hated it”). But Coddington does one better by asserting “I don’t like any Star Wars movies.”

There’s a lot of staid agreement and pleasantness throughout, if that’s your cup of tea!

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