Greta Thunberg's New Docuseries Will Be a Coming-of-Age Story

Greta Thunberg's New Docuseries Will Be a Coming-of-Age Story

Greta Thunberg’s climate change activism will be the subject of not one but two documentary projects, as the BBC just announced they’ll be working with the activist on a new series.

Variety reports the series will follow Thunberg’s meetings with scientists and fellow activists, but will also be a “coming-of-age” story that will highlight the quieter moments of Thunberg’s journey. The announcement comes not long after Hulu said they were also working on a documentary starring Thunberg. The filmmakers behind that project have been following Thunberg since her first school strike in 2018.

It sounds from the BBC announcement that their series might be more collaborative as opposed to a straight docuseries, but it will be interesting to see how any documentary on the activist pans out given the intense media scrutiny already focused on her. Every second of Thunberg’s activism has been documented by herself or others and I’m looking forward to a portrait of her that accounts for any moments of teen normalcy in her clearly hectic life.

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