Grumpy Cat Is Shilling for Cheerios Now


Grumpy Cat knows how to make that cash: She’s hanging out with the all-up-in-your-beeswax mascot of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Clearly not satisfied with merely getting a makeover from Nelly, the bee is now antagonizing Grumpy Cat and making fun of her Bitchy Resting Face. Grumpy Cat cares not: She’s raking in the dough. As previously mentioned, she’s already earned an estimated $1 million — and singed a movie deal. Now Cheerios!

Just in case you weren’t completely aware that Grumpy Cat is a business and not just a forlorn feline, the commercial carries this message:

“Grumpy Cat is a registered trademark of Grumpy Cat Limited.” Never forget: Cute is a product.

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