Gucci Fall/Winter 2010: Hot Fuzz


The word may be totally overused at this point, but honestly, the best way to really describe Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which is filled with winter whites, perfectly cut pants, and killer coats, is fierce.

I’m not a fur fan, so I’m not loving the fur trend of Fall 2K10, but this top is one of the more unique takes on the trend that I’ve seen so far.

Even if you aren’t really into fashion, you can really see the artistry on display here: the clothes may look simple, but the tailoring is impeccable.

Forget the dated Labor Day rule: white pants are in for winter. (Though all I can think of when I see them is Josie Grossie spilling chocolate milk all over herself in Never Been Kissed.)

Work it!

The accessories in this collection, as you can imagine, are super chic.

More velvet, this time in gray: the fitted look is insanely well done.

Very classic.

I don’t think those are leggings, are they? It’s more like a skirt over pants. Thoughts?

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

This sort of looks like a Gucci-fied Star Trek uniform, doesn’t it?

My first thought here was “Muppet arms.”

How do you feel about the boot/pant combo here?

I feel like we’re going to see semi-affordable versions of all of this at J.Crew, no?

Help me out, fashion crew: who is this model? I feel like Tyra would be very proud of her fierceness.

This is the wardrobe equivalent of NSFW.

I really need these glasses—and this attitude—in my life.

Who will buy this first? Mary-Kate, or Ashley?

Hold up—are those…Gucci jeggings?!?

Another 90s throwback…

though there’s also something very early 00s about the cutouts in the arms and midriffs.

I love the color here…

…and I love it here, as well.

Let the music play (clap clap)! Down in Fraggle Rock!

Here, a more subtle use of fur.

Though the Fraggle-ness can’t be stopped.

And now for the bags.

Inspired by brownies, perhaps?

10 bucks says the knock-off of this is already in production.

This one, too.

And this one, as well!

I’m guessing PETA won’t be a big fan of this collection.

But I think Sweetums might me!

[Sweetums Pic Via Muppet Wiki]

[All Other Images Via Getty]

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