Guess the Iconic Met Gala Dress Based Off These Haikus

You've seen all the dresses, we've seen all the dresses, but how well do you really know the dresses? Let's find out.

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Photo: Getty Images

Met Gala Monday is upon us—and while we wait for a new dump of photos of rich celebrities wearing giant expensive gowns to raise money for a fancy museum, we must settle for reminiscing on old photos of rich celebrities wearing giant expensive gowns.

You’ve seen them all, we’ve seen them all: Rihanna in the massive, fur-trimmed, embroidered yellow cape; Cher in the bedazzled and befeathered nearly-naked gown; Lady Gaga’s black and bright pink 16-minute entrance; Kim Kardashian as couch; Kim Kardashian as dementor; Kim Kardashian as destroyer of American history. But how well do you really know these images? And, more importantly, can you identify them by reading a 17-syllable poem, otherwise known as a haiku?

If you said “Yeah, I think I can,” then it’s your lucky day, my friend. We’ve rounded up a bunch of the Met Gala’s best, most memorable, and most questionable looks and written a bunch of haikus to go with them. Enjoy.

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