Hair today, hair tomorrow.


We’ve always had a problem with women who rip out all their pubic hair. Especially when they tell us that it’s more hygenic. It’s not. It’s possibly narcisstic, definitely masochistic, and arguably creepy, but it is not more hygenic. Okay?

But we long ago accepted that we would be the only woman in New York with pubic hair, and that’s okay. There’s always Europe if we need to get laid.

Indeed, from England’s The Guardian comes a tale that warms our hairy little hearts this morning. Meet Shazia Mirza, who’s been letting it all hang out for the past three months. Or grow out, we should say.

“Every morning I go swimming, and in three months of hair growing, while men have rarely battered an eyelid at the bush hanging out of my leopard-print swimming costume, women certainly have. (I think the men just assumed it was part of the costume.) I walked into the sauna the other day and the two women in there did a double take and walked straight out with their backs against the walls. I didn’t mind – I had the sauna all to myself.”

And our favorite bit?

“To me, there seems to be something both worrying and obscene about society’s requirement for adult women to remove the body hair that proclaims them sexually mature adults, and turn themselves into facsimiles of pre-pubertal girls.”

Enough said. Respect to the woman.


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