Harry Potter And The Zionist Conspiracy


Condemning Harry Potter isn’t just for zany Christian fundamentalists anymore! An Iranian documentary claims Harry Potter is part of a plot to “spread the dark and evil essence of Zionism and its goals.”

The short documentary aired on the Iranian news channel IRINN in December and was was recently translated and published on the Jerusalem Post‘s website. In the video below, commenters offer their theories on the symbolism of the books and movies while clips of the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets play in the background. The “experts” claim that the film’s positive portrayal of wizardry is actually tied to Kaballah, saying that Zionists “are trying to convince viewers that because there is no easy way to distance oneself from witchraft, Satan and the like … they are saying indirectly, ‘Join us.'” They also argue that the discussion of pure blood in Harry Potter is “propaganda for purity of blood and race, one of the principles of global Zionism,” even though most 10-year-olds around the would could probably explain that the books actually teach that there shouldn’t be discrimination based on whether you’re “pure blood” or “half-blood.” [NY Daily News]

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