Have You Considered Soap?

A bath is great, but a bath with soap is even better

Have You Considered Soap?
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There has been much ado about bathing lately, and while what I’m about to admit might be an unpopular opinion, I simply can’t help myself. I love to bathe. I love the ceremony of drawing a bath and filling it with salts, oils, bubbles, and anything else I can get my bath loving hands on. But above all of these little luxuries, I love specialty soaps the most. Certainly, soaps like Dove and Irish Spring get the job done, but if you love yourself and want to luxuriate, there are some very specific soaps you need to have stored in your soap tins. (You also need a soap tin to preserve the longevity of your new soaps.)

My go-to for specialty soaps and any other bath needs is usually Lush, however, considering their questionable use of funds from their Charity Pot sales, I’ve been looking elsewhere to get my soap fix. On the suggestion of a colleague I tried some soaps from a young company called PaliRoots, and my skin has started acting brand fucking new. The soaps I got were the tea tree oil and Dead Sea Nablus bars. Combined, they’re part of an acne prevention routine, but I actually only used the tea tree oil bar on my face because I am a skeptic and didn’t want to be parted from my Fenty cleanser. The bar did wonders for my combination skin and didn’t cause any redness or irritation when I paired it with the various goops and serums I pile on my face after bathing to maintain some semblance of youth.

The Dead Sea bar will easily be a new winter favorite for those of us who suffer from ashy legs (wash your legs people!). Although it’s designed for treating blackheads according to the website, I found that Dead Sea had a great exfoliating effect on my legs which are constantly dried out and sometimes cracked from my showers, which I’m told are hotter than Satan’s urine stream. The soaps also contain almost no weird chemicals, like some liquid options that can leave behind a layer of film on the skin. One of the main ingredients in both of the soaps is olive oil sourced from Palestine, so if you’re trying to live a more BDS lifestyle, then you can feel good while scrubadubdubbing.

Don’t like an olive oil-based bar? Try one that’s honey or goat milk-based. A vegan, you say? Got you boo, try a soap derived from vanilla and various fruits. The world’s your oyster-shaped soap bar.

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