Here Are Thirteen Dogs and a Cat Having a Classy Holiday Feast


The holidays are almost upon us—Christmas trees are twinkling in all the windows, stores are gouging prices for last minute shoppers and your neighbor had his first loud, drunk fight with his in-laws. It’s definitely time to bust out the holiday-themed pet videos.

I’ll be honest, I think this is the classiest meal I have ever witnessed. The Queen of England herself could sit down at this table and be impressed by the manners and decorum of her fellow table guests. Obviously the best part is of course the cat, sitting there, silently judging all of them. “ALL OF YOU LOOK LIKE ASSHOLES. STOP MAKING PIGS OF YOURSELF AND START GIVING DIRTY LOOKS TO THE FOOD ON THE PLATE SO THE HUMANS KNOW THAT IS TERRIBLE AND NOT WORTHY TO PLACE BEFORE US.”

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