Here's a Baboon Grabbing a Reporter's Boob Live On the Air


There’s been a lot to make fun of today — Ted Cruz, 300 sandwiches, Professor David Gilmour’s whole…thing — but it would be a shame if we let the day close without pointing to a dark horse candidate for Funniest Thing We’ve Seen Today: this local news footage of a baboon getting fresh with a reporter.

Sacramento, California reporter Sabrina Rodriguez was covering a local grape festival when the baboon named Mickey seized one of her breasts and wouldn’t let go. He also did that weird monkey thing where he bared his teeth at the camera, and for a second I was worried that someone’s face might be on the verge of being ripped off.

Thankfully, there was no monkey face ripping in the cards for local Sacramento news. Rodriguez handled herself like a pro, finishing her story while the ape copped a high school boy level feel.

Back to you in the studio, King Louie.


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