Highs And Lows On The Truly A-List Red Carpet


So what, exactly, was “Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011’s kick off with Chrysler Celebrating ‘The Fighter’ held at the District on Sunset”? Not positive. But it was star-studded — like, Mirren and Butler and Adams-studded — and the clothes? Aces.

Let’s do the lovelies first. Isabelle Lucas is vintage-pretty in this easy, rosy frock. (And this is a “frock,” no?)

Malin Akerman, crisp and basic.

Amy Adams just flirts with dowdiness, but keeps it classic.

Jenna Dewan, an up-and-coming bombshell. Which is distinct from a style-setter but also noteworthy.

There’s still nothing like a Dame, but Helen Mirren‘s getup is a bit busy to be really flattering.

Another study in unflattering excess, I give you Kristin Davis.

Abbie Cornish continues the theme: layered edition.

Nia Vardalos apparently likes pansies.

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